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Commissioner Barbara Levin Bergman

Washtenaw County Commissioner Barbara Levin Bergman has been an avid photographer on an off throughout her life.  Her photos, most often of natural areas here in Washtenaw County, hang in a number of galleries, businesses and private homes.  Please see Commissioner Bergman's County web page for more information.

Ray Berg

Ray Berg is the web master for Freedom Township, the Southwest Washtenaw Council of Governments and the Manchester Chicken Broil web site.  He has a background in engineering, strong research and photographic skills and is very familiar with Washtenaw County's rural areas.

Don Werthmann

Don Werthmann
has been a full-time faculty member in the Visual Arts Technology Department at Washtenaw Community College since 2000, and is the Digital Photography Instructor. An accomplished photographer, Don was a recent visiting photography scholar in Japan. To learn more, please see his web site.

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