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Fifth Street in Snow

Fifth Street in Snow

Landmark: On the left side of the photo is "The Octagon,"  the refreshment stand of the Old German Park in the Old West Side. The middle structure was known as "Uncle Jake's House," and belonged to Oscar Staebler, the property owner to the north. Wurster Park is in the distance behind these structures.

Location: 731 Fifth Street, Ann Arbor, MI

Why Landmark: This structure no longer exists, but it's an important part of Ann Arbor history, so I'm offering it for your landmarks files. The photo was taken by my Dad, Mel Ivory, @1960-70. The Octagon and his house (which was the Old German Park bowling alley) were located at 731 Fifth St. The sad thing is, when he died and we tried to offer the structure to the City of Ann Arbor, they refused it. So the new owners tore it down.

Photo by: Susan A. Ivory

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