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Crime Victim Rights Week: April 18th - 24th


April 18th – 24th marks the 2010 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.


This year’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week theme, “Crime Victims’ Rights:  Fairness. Dignity. Respect.”, encourages us to raise awareness of these fundamental principles and to continue working on behalf of crime victims who are still treated with a lack of fairness, dignity and respect. 

"All victims of crime deserve to be treated fairly and respectfully and in a way that preserves their dignity.  Our nation’s victims’ rights laws and the network of support services now available to victims, embody these ideals", says Prosecuting Attorney's Victim/Witness Director Brenda Quiet. 

Only a few decades ago, shocking numbers of crime victims experienced unfairness, indignities, and disrespect.  Yet years of work by victims and advocates led to thousands of statutes and 32 state constitutional amendments that establish victims’ rights.  Every year, we celebrate that progress and commit ourselves to ensuring that all victims know about and can exercise these rights.  The Michigan Crime Victim Rights Act created comprehensive rights of notification and participation in all stages of the criminal justice process for crime victims.  The Victim Services Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office ensures victims are provided the rights entitled to them.  Victims have the right to receive information about their rights and the criminal proceedings, to be present in court, to confer with the prosecution, to make a statement to the court at sentencing, to restitution and to information about the conviction, sentence, imprisonment and release of the accused.  In addition, victims also have the right to apply for Victim Compensation for injuries resulting from a crime.  The Crime Victim Rights Act in Michigan committed our state to fairness, dignity and respect for victims of crime. 

Annually, a Candlelight Vigil is held at the Capitol Building in Lansing to honor all crime victims.  This year, the Candlelight Vigil will be held on Wednesday, April 21st at 6pm in the Capitol Rotunda.  This heartfelt and moving ceremony is open to the public.  For more information about the candlelight vigil or about Crime Victim Rights Week please contact Brenda Quiet at 734-222-6664. For community resources available to crime victims, visit the Prosecuting Attorney's website.

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