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Nexus Pipeline


Information for Citizens on the Nexus Pipeline

Information from Paul Ganz on the Nexus Pipeline Project –

We wanted to give you a quick update of a Nexus Pipeline project that DTE Energy and Spectra Energy (out of Ohio) are working on. DTE Energy and Spectra Energy are the lead developers of the proposed NEXUS Gas Transmission (NEXUS) project. The NEXUS Project will provide necessary additional safe, affordable, clean natural gas supplies to Michigan, Chicago and the Dawn Hub in Ontario, while increasing the reliability of the region’s energy delivery system and positively impacting the economy in the upper U.S. Midwest and eastern Canadian regions as early as late 2017. Spectra Energy is considered best in class for project execution. Since 2007, they have placed more than 60 projects in-service on schedule, with a total capital expenditure of approximately $8 billion. This level of project execution success is a result of an unwavering commitment to safety, environmental stewardship and diligent consultation and collaboration with all affected stakeholders.


Spectra Energy has safely operated over 1,000 miles of pipeline in 22 counties in Ohio for over 60 years. DTE Energy has provided safe and reliable natural gas service to consumers in Michigan for over 115 years. DTE Energy safely operates more than 2,600 miles of transmission pipeline and over 19,000 miles of distribution main in Michigan.


NEXUS is scalable up to 2 billion cubic feet per day and will consist of a newly-constructed greenfield pipeline that will extend approximately 250 miles from receipt points in eastern Ohio to interconnects with the existing pipeline grid in southeastern Michigan. NEXUS is committed to protecting the environment. Over 60% of the proposed new pipeline route follows existing rights-of-way in Ohio and Michigan, substantially limiting environmental impacts and effects to landowners. An important feature of this pipeline system will also be its ability to utilize both existing and expansion capacity on the DTE Gas transportation system and the Vector Pipeline System to access markets in Michigan, Chicago and the Dawn Hub in Ontario, significantly reducing overall impacts for construction and operation.


With commitments to date of 1.0 to 1.5 Bcf/d from a significant number of gas and electric utilities and Appalachian producers, NEXUS has sufficient commitments to advance development of the project. NEXUS has contractual agreements for shippers to participate in the project. The service commencement date for the NEXUS project is expected to be as early as the fourth quarter of 2017. The NEXUS Supplemental Open Season ended on August 21, 2014.


Regarding Next Steps:


NEXUS is initiating several activities to advance the development of the project. NEXUS has engaged federal, state and local officials to inform them of initial planned work in the study corridor areas. Affected landowners have begun to receive introductory letters and information about initial survey plans in their area. NEXUS plans to start surveying the route in September 2014. NEXUS plans to engage FERC during the first quarter of 2015. All other pertinent environmental agency consultations will also commence early next year. NEXUS will be transparent with the affected local communities throughout the entire project and welcomes community involvement at all stages.


Project Benefits:


• The proposed NEXUS Project will create a significant number of jobs during planning, construction and development, as well as add capital investment and tax base to Ohio and Michigan.

• The newly-proposed pipeline will increase energy diversity, security and reliability not only for Michigan but the upper U.S. Midwest and eastern Canadian regions and will be capable of transporting up to 2 Bcf of natural gas per day. That’s enough to meet the needs of more than 8 million American homes annually.

• Impacted communities can use tax dollars from the project to pay for local schools and other important programs and services, to offset municipal tax increases, to continue to fund emergency services and for infrastructure improvement projects – just to name a few examples.


The Nexus Pipeline includes about 50 miles of green pipe in Michigan, new pipe that would need to be built in Michigan on a proposed route that would come through Lenawee County (Ogden, Palmyra, Deerfield, Blissfield, Macon, Ridgeway) into Milan Township in Monroe County, and then onto Washtenaw County up to our Willow Station through York, Augusta and Ypsilanti Charter Townships.


Nexus would minimize impacts to property owners by following along an existing infrastructure path of the ANR Pipeline. The Nexus survey crews will be in the area in September seeking permission from property owners to survey property along the proposed route. Know that we are very focused on working with customers on this route and are trying to be very proactive in our outreach. The Nexus survey workers will have identification on them and a placard on the dashboard of their vehicles.


It is likely that some open houses will be held in October to provide additional awareness on the project to property owners.


Click here to see the attached map with proposed route, and a Q and A document.

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