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2013 Youth Empowerment Summit


Kinetic Affect Performance, Anti-Bullying, and Youth Voice Workshops at the 2013 Youth Empowerment Summit on May 29th.


Washtenaw Area Teens for Tomorrow (WATT) and the Washtenaw Alliance for Children and Youth (WACY) are proud to be partnering with the Washtenaw County Youth Center to present the 2013 Youth Empowerment Summit on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. The event will be held at the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College Campus. Youth engagement is at the forefront of our nations investment into the future, therefore our collaborative team is seeking to help mobilize the youth movement in Washtenaw County.  

The event will feature the past experiences and powerful voices of the poetry group Kinetic Affect, five breakout workshops that focus on anti-bullying and youth voice. There will be an assortment of community service organizations that attendees can peruse to obtain information about services offered in the area. The YES is structured with content that can be a source of enrichment, empowerment and engagement for the youth of Washtenaw County. Each workshop will be facilitated by youth focused organizations and exists to help youth in the areas of community dialogue (youth voice), leadership, and civic engagement.


"The development of our youth is vital to strengthening our community." said Lisa Greco, Director of Washtenaw County Youth Center "Our future rests in the hands of the young people, and incorporating youth voice into community dialogue and decision making is essential. Investing in positive youth development opportunities helps to lay a foundation for tomorrow's leaders."


Visit the website for details about the event as well as a link for attendees to register for workshops. The unique collaboration of WATT, WACY and the Washtenaw County Youth Center was forged from the shared goal of creating pathways for youth voice, leadership and positive development. Also its impact will help youth build concrete skills to address and effect community change. Registration ends May 22nd.



Justin Keeney

WATT Intern

Washtenaw Area Teens For Tomorrow (WATT)

Phone: (734) 973-4384

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