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Money Saving Energy Tips


In order for your home heating system to run as efficiently and safely as possible it must be maintained on an annual basis.

Money SavingsDid you know that DTE and Consumers Energy are currently offering a $10.00 rebate for residential customers that install a programmable thermostat in their homes?  A programmable thermostat can save up to 33% in heating costs and reduce your carbon foot print.

You can purchase a programmable thermostat from just about any hardware or home improvement store. The cost can range from $20.00 to $230.00 depending on your needs.


Get your furnace tuned

A well tuned furnace or boiler will run more efficiently, cost less to operate and last longer.  DTE and Consumers Energy are currently offering a $50.00 rebate to residential customers that perform a forced air furnace or boiler tune up.  The service must be performed by a participating contractoFurnacer.

The tune-up service will:

  • Measure the gas manifold pressure, as proper manifold pressure is needed for the system to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Inspect the system’s electrical components for wear, connectivity, and proper operation.
  • Check temperature rise for gas furnaces or boilers, to ensure proper equipment operation and desired comfort levels.
  • Inspect and verify proper size and operation of combustion venting (flue) systems.
  • Perform combustion efficiency tests, before and after the maintenance service.
  • Make sure all system controls are operating properly.

For additional information on the program and a list of participating contractors visit the DTE web site or Consumers web site.

Please contact me via email or call 734-680-6389, if you have any questions regarding saving energy in the workplace or at home.

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