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Washtenaw County Receives Award for Going Paperless


Washtenaw County was the only government recipient of the RealSolutions Awards given by Hyland Software for the County's leadership in implementing paperless electronic document management and their cost sharing partnership with the City of Ann Arbor.

Washtenaw County Receives Award for Going Paperless

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There are nearly 10,000 organizations that use OnBase electronic content management software, and only 14 of those organizations were recognized as a RealSolutions Winner. The Award was announced during the opening session at the annual OnBase Conference. Hyland software states, “The County’s use of OnBase stands out among others for many reasons.” These reasons include:

  •  Sharing services and infrastructure with the City of Ann Arbor
    In an effort to make the most of its software investment and extend existing partnerships, worked to share the costs and benefits with the City of Ann Arbor. This is a unique approach to technology overall, and shows that Washtenaw is a leader among counties.
  • Enterprise Approach
    It’s used across many departments in an effort to help unify government and better serve its citizens. Washtenaw County did this by using OnBase in courts, public safety, health and human services, financial and human resources areas. 

In 2010, Washtenaw County has implemented a Paperless Warrant system and a Remote Arraignment System using OnBase software. Further advances in electronic Contract Management are also being implemented. Prosecuting Attorney Brian Mackie states, “We are moving to a paperless system. This shift from reliance on paper will make us more efficient. The public we serve will benefit.” 

Washtenaw County’s leadership in advancing technology around document management is truly an example for government and private companies across the country.

Bill Priemer-COO of Hyland Software, A.J. Hyland-CEO of Hyland Software, Dave Wilson-Washtenaw County IT, Yang Meng-Washtenaw County IT, Ward Beauchamp-Washtenaw County IT and Miguel Zubizarreta-CTO Hyland Software
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