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RiverSafe Homes

river_safe_homes2.gifThe Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner has created the RiverSafe Homes program to enable Washtenaw County residents to identify water quality protection activities they currently practice around their homes, and to commit to additional pollution prevention practices that they may not have previously considered. Residents complete an online survey on topics like "Home Toxics Use and Disposal", "Yard Care and Outdoor Housekeeping", "Pet and Urban Wildlife Waste", and more. They then receive a "RiverSafe Home" plaque to display at their home. With over 138,000 households currently in Washtenaw County, the RiverSafe Homes Program has a great "cumulative effect" opportunity to inform residents about water quality protection while reducing pollutants in Washtenaw County waterways.


  • Make Your Home a Riversafe Home
    The Water Resources Commissioner's simple guide to help homeowners become better water quality stewards.
  • Homeowner's Handbook
    Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Guide to water quality protection for homeowner's associations and households.
  • Community Partners for Clean Streams
    A voluntary, cooperative effort between the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner's Office and Washtenaw County businesses, institutional landowners and multi-family residential complexes.


For more information, please contact Heather Rice.

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