gardening2.gifGardening is a rewarding experience as you watch plants emerge from a seed and grow into plants that provide you with fresh, nutritional vegetables and fruits. It is also a great form of exercise as you prepare soil, plant the garden, pull weeds, water the plants and harvest fruits and veggies. It is an experience that can be appreciated as a child and continues to be a rewarding experience as an adult. The following sites help to promote a successful gardening experience.


  • Vegetable Gardening Topics
    The Gardening in Michigan website hosted by Michigan State University Extension provides gardening information on topics such as preparing the garden soil, planning the vegetable garden, harvesting and preserving vegetables, and plant problems.

  • Fruit Growing
    MSU Extension site on fruit hosted by Van Buren County MSU Extension. Click on "Home Horticulture" to open the fruit section.
  • Container Gardening
    North Carolina Extension site that explains how to grow vegetables in containers and provides information on specific plants.
  • Planting a Home Vegetable Garden
    Iowa State University Extension publication on preparation and planting the vegetable garden.
  • Natural Control of Garden Pests
    MSU publication providing information on biological control of pests in the home garden.
  • Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Plants
    MSU publication on how to bring insects into the home landscape to pollinate plants and reduce nuisance insects.
  • MSU Gardening Bulletins
    MSU site for obtaining gardening bulletins and videos on specific topics.
  • Controlling Garden Pests
    A brief guide from the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner.
  • Clean Sweep Program
    Provides FREE pesticide disposal for businesses and residents.
  • Rain Gardens
    Environmental Portal section about creating a rain garden.
  • Gardening Hotline - (734) 997-1819
    Local Gardening information can be obtained through the Washtenaw County MSU Extension office through the Master Gardener Hotline at (734) 997-1819. The hotline is open mid-April through October, Monday through Thursday, 9am to Noon and 1pm-4pm.  
  • Dial-A-Garden - (734) 971-1129
    Monthly recorded gardening tips from MSU Extension are available year-round by calling (734) 971-1129.


For more information, please contact the MSU Extension Master Gardener Hotline at (734) 997-1819.

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