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Energy Use

energy_use2.gifWith climbing energy costs, individuals and businesses have become more concerned about the use of energy and conserving energy. Expenditures for energy can be lowered through the use of energy efficient processes, alternative options, and utilizing under-appreciated sources of energy as well as energy-saving ideas.


  • Energy Facts from Michigan State University Extension
    Bulletins and articles related to curbing energy costs. Information covers energy management, appliances, furnaces, hot water heaters, insulation, windows, wood heat and other links.
  • Energy Savers
    U.S. Department of Energy's website with tips to save energy and reduce utility bills in your house or apartment.
  • Greener Choices
    Consumer Reports recommendations for selecting "greener" products.
  • Smart Energy Living 
    Information about using energy wisely written by the Colorado Energy Science Center. Includes an Energy Bill Analysis Tool.
  • A Sourcebook for Green and Sustainable Building
    The Sourcebook was developed by the Austin Green Building Program to foster the implementation of environmentally responsible practices in homebuilding.
  • Clean Energy
    An EPA guide to reduce the environmental impacts of energy use.
  • Consumer Resources
    Tips on energy from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.
  • Energy Star Website
    Presents many ideas on how to use energy and protect the environment - EPA and U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Washtenaw County Weatherization Program
    The Weatherization Program is a federal program that provides free home improvements associated with energy savings to low income residents of Michigan.
  • Washtenaw County's Home Energy Conservation Videos
    View our Emmy-nominated videos and check out our links to resources for saving energy in your home.
  • Biodiesel Information
    General information on biodiesel - including what biodiesel is, how it is made, the benefits of biodiesel, and more.


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