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Car Care

car_care2.gifWashing cars in your driveway can add pollutants to streams and rivers. Wash water flows from hard surfaces into storm drains, carrying detergents, oil, grease, heavy metals and dirt. Storm drains carry polluted wash water to local waterways. Sloppy car maintenance is also a problem for Washtenaw County's water resources. For example, four quarts of motor oil can cause an eight acre oil slick on lakes and rivers. In addition, antifreeze is poisonous to people, pets, and wildlife.


  • Car Care 
    Tips for environmentally safe vehicle washing and maintenance (Homeowners' Handbook Guide #4).
    Smart driving and idling reduction tips to save money and to protect the environment!  
  • Turning Trash into Treasure Guide
    A guide to disposal options for not-so-recyclable materials, including tires and car batteries.
  • Home Toxics Reduction Program
    Information on proper use and disposal of toxic materials, including motor oil, antifreeze, and gasoline.


For more information, please contact Heather Rice.

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