Water Resources Commissioner

What We Do

The Office of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner is responsible for:Atchison County Drain

  • Design, construction, and operation and maintenance of over 500 storm water management and flood control systems (County Drains)
  • Emergency flood response
  • Maintenance of seven court set lake levels
  • Financing drain projects through sale of notes and bonds
  • Managing Drain financial accounts
  • Recovering costs of operation by levying special assessments on private property, local government, and others who benefit from drainage and storm water management improvement projects. 

The Office also publishes design standards for storm water systems (Rules of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner), and reviews and issues approval to plans for private storm water systems in new developments and redevelopments.

Our responsibilities also extend to soil erosion and sedimentation control, public works programs, and other water quality protection programs. 

Activities include: 

  • Implementation of the federally-mandated Phase II Stormwater Permit Program
  • Watershed plan development and implementation
  • A wide range of public education and involvement programs, including the Community Partners for Clean Streams Program, RiverSafe Homes Program, and Rain Garden Program. 

View our 2011-2012 Annual Report

Who We Are

Our staff includes professionals in the fields of storm water system operations, public administration, financing, accounting, drain special assessing, engineering, construction management, environmental planning, geographic information system technology, and more.

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Find out what Drain Commissioners and Water Resources Commissioners doVideo produced by the Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners.


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Office of the Water Resources
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Phone: 734-222-6860
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Reporting Flood or Emergency:
Business Hours:222-6860
After Hours: 911
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