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Jobs Posted : 7/28/14
     (Filing Deadline: 8/5/14)

PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE I/II - ADULT HEALTH (Public Health) - Control No.: 1407-610-2325-0040
REGISTERED DIETITIAN I/II (Public Health) - Control No.: 1407-610-2037-0007
TRIAL COURT CLERK (Trial Court) - Control No.: 1407-160-1589-0005
YOUTH ATTENDANT (Childrens Services) - Control No.: 1407-720-1736-0009


Jobs Posted : 7/21/14
     (Filing Deadline: 8/5/14)

ASSISTANT PROSECUTING ATTORNEY I/II/III (Prosecuting Attorney) - Control No.: 1407-430-2808-0008
HEALTH SERVICES ACCESS INTAKE SPECIALIST (Health Ser Access) - Control No.: 1407-618-1740-0009


Jobs Posted : 7/21/14
     (Filing Deadline: 12/23/14)

PART-TIME/TEMPORARY COURT OFFICER (Sheriff) - Control No.: 1407-500-0027-0000


Jobs Posted : 5/19/14
     (Filing Deadline: 8/26/14)

RELIEF YOUTH WORKER (Childrens Services) - Control No.: 1405-720-0000-0000


Jobs Posted : 3/17/14
     (Filing Deadline: 12/30/14)

PART-TIME 911 CALL TAKER (Emergency Management) - Control No.: 1403-201-0027-0000


Jobs Posted : 10/22/12
     (Filing Deadline: 8/26/14)

CORRECTIONS OFFICER (Sheriff) - Control No.: 1210-500-5601-0007


Jobs Posted : 8/27/12
     (Filing Deadline: 8/26/14)

COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER - CORRECTIONS (Sheriff) - Control No.: 1208-500-5507-0031


Jobs Posted : 7/30/12
     (Filing Deadline: 8/26/14)

COMMUNICATIONS OPERATOR (Sheriff) - Control No.: 1207-500-5606-0002



Open Until Filled
      Please note: Because of the posting date, the jobs below can not be applied for online.

Maintenance Worker - Indoors
Instructor - Fitness
Food Service Manager
Activity Leader - Playgrounds
Bookkeeper/Accountant (2 positions)
Concessions Worker
Day Camp Counselor (Rolling Hills & Independence Lake)
Lifeguard - Outdoor
Park & Facility Laborer Aide
Park Ranger Supervisor
Park Ranger
Water Park Attendant
Park - NAPP Laborer Aide
Park Laborer Aide
Sheriff's Department Opportunities


NOTE: Applications will only be accepted for active postings. Please check the filing deadline to determine if the posting is current. If you require a paper version of the Job Application, please contact the Human Resources Department by E-mail, or by phone at 734-222-6800.


Recently Filled Postings

  • HELP DESK SUPPORT I/II - Control No.: 1405-220-1967-0001