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Safeguarding the Public's Money

The County Treasurer is authorized by the Michigan Constitution and State law to serve as the County's Banker and Investment Officer. The Treasurer's primary responsibilities are to safeguard public funds and to collect and account for the revenue used to operate programs for County residents.

Manage Cash and Investments

The County Treasurer manages cash and investments for Washtenaw County Government. The office projects cash flow needs to fund the expenditures of County Government. Investments made with public funds are selected according to the following guidelines in priority order:

  1. Compliance with applicable law
  2. Safety
  3. Liquidity
  4. Yield

Treasurer for Other Authorities

The County Treasurer also serves as treasurer for other authorities affiliated with Washtenaw County Government such as:

  • Washtenaw County Building Authority
  • Washtenaw County Communtiy Mental Health (WC-CMH)
  • Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Washtenaw County Money Purchase Pension Plan (MPPP)
  • Washtenaw County Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA)
  • Washtenaw County Employee Retirement System (WCERS)
  • Washtenaw County Road Commission

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