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Catherine McClary, CPFO, CPFIM

MSU Extension Parenting and Financial Education

The Washtenaw County MSU Extension offers free financial, parenting, and housing education classes. MSU Extension classes provide information and education that helps people identify problems and find solutions to improve their homes and financial needs. Classes offered include parenting, relax, foreclosure prevention intervention, and basic money management.

For more information on the Washtenaw County MSU Extension classes and registration please call (734) 222-3943. Current class schedule


Step Forward Michigan
Assistance With Property Tax and Mortgage Payments

Washtenaw County residents who qualify for the program can receive up to $30,000 in one-time assistance to pay past due property taxes, or taxes and mortgage payments combined.

Homeowners who all ready received Hardest Hit assistance cannot re-apply, however clients that previously applied and were ineligible because they were outside program parameters may reopen their application under the updated guidelines. Please visit to apply, or for more information on the program.  Printable brochure (PDF)


Health Care Counts

healthcarecounts.gifThere is a new website to help people determine health care coverage options. 

It will help you: 

  • Find out more about your health care options.
  • Find out where, and how, you can get the health coverage you need.
  • Determine which health care option is best for you - Medicaid, Marketplace, MIChild, or Employer Insurance.
  • Help you and your children stay healthy.
  • Make an appointment to find out what is best for you and your family.

Go to
or call (734)544-3030

New Law Changes Fees for Tax Certification

A new law (Public Act 39 of 2015) took effect July 1, 2015 that increases the fee to receive a tax certification to $5 per deed (containing up to 5 legal descriptions).  There is an additional charge of 20 cents per parcel for more than 5 parcels on a single deed.  Read the law here.

Under State law (MCL 211.135), the County Treasurer provides certification of paid taxes on warranty deeds, land contracts, and other documents that convey ownership of property.  A tax certification confirms that all real property taxes on a specific property are paid in full.  Each deed must have a Parcel Identification Number that corresponds to the legal description contained in the deed.


 New Law for Unlicensed Dogs 
License Your Pup or You’ll Pay Up!

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners approved a Civil Infraction Ordinance that requires all dogs be licensed or a citation may be issued with fines of $50 to $500.

If you own an unlicensed dog, you will be issued a violation notice before getting a citation.  If you receive a violation notice, contact the Washtenaw County Treasurer to license your dog and remove the fine.  All dogs must have proof of rabies vaccination to receive a license.  You can purchase a license on-line at  Contact the Treasurer at or call 734-222-6600.

Dog licensing is mandated by State law to increase public safety by ensuring all dogs are vaccinated against rabies.  Prior to this new Ordinance, having an unlicensed dog was a misdemeanor offense.  Creating a civil infraction, which includes a fine only if the dog remains unlicensed, decriminalized this offense.  Licensing your dog removes the fine and the infraction.  Enforcement for dog licensing will increase with this new Ordinance.

Washtenaw County has three licensing authorities.  If you live in the City of Ann Arbor, contact the Ann Arbor Clerk at 734-794-6140.  If you live in Ypsilanti Township, call 734-484-1002.  All other residents in Washtenaw County can purchase their dog license from the Washtenaw County Treasurer.  The Treasurer offers on-line dog license applications at  Washtenaw County licenses are offered as a 1 or 3 year license which expires on the expiration of the rabies vaccination.  Licenses are $6/year for a neutered or spayed dog, $12/year for unaltered dogs, and free for service dogs. 

So, make your dog a “Legal Beagle”!  Get an updated rabies vaccination and apply for your dog license today.


2015 Home Ownership Education Classes

The Washtenaw Housing Education Partners (WHEP) provides regular pre-purchase homebuyer educational seminars throughout the year as well as individual pre-purchase housing counseling with certified housing counselors by appointment.

For more Information on the Washtenaw Housing Education Partners Homebuyer Education Program,  please read the registration packet and call (734) 997-1678.  2015 schedule of classes are now available. 


The Basics of Home Maintenance Workshop

The Washtenaw Housing Education Partners (WHEP) offers a free home maintenace workshop. The workout sessions provide how to protect the value of  a home by keeping it maintained. The sessions cover routine maintence of a home, and when it's wise to call a professional to fix a problem. Schedule of workshop sessions.


Homestead Property Tax Credit Update

The State has made major changes modifying eligibility requirements for the Homestead Property Tax Credit.  


Archived News
A listing of past news stories from our front page.


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The County Treasurer is authorized by the Michigan Constitution and State law to serve as the County's Banker and Investment Officer. The Treasurer's primary responsibilities are to safeguard public funds and to collect and account for the revenue used to operate programs for County residents.

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