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Property & Evidence Room

The Sheriff’s Office Property and Evidence service retains case-related unclaimed, found and recovered property from Sheriff’s Office cases only.  We work diligently to identify owners and reunite them with their property.  Each piece of property is listed on our Monthly Found Property List.  Unclaimed property is publicly auctioned through an on-line service, PROPERTY ROOM.COM.  You may access their website at

Evidence & Property Release Information

  • All releases are done by appointment only.
  • Property and evidence management personnel may only release property upon written authorization of the Officer-in-Charge of a particular case.
  • If you believe the Sheriff’s Office may have property that belongs to you, please locate the case number associated with the item(s) and contact the Deputy Sheriff or Detective who was in charge of your case.
  • In the event you are unable to contact the Deputy Sheriff or Detective who was in-charge of your case, please contact the Property & Evidence Personnel at 734-973-4651 for assistance in problem solving your particular situation.

Found Property List

Unclaimed found property is maintained on a list that can be accessed through this site.  Simply click on the link below.  The list is updated approximately every 72 hours. If you believe an item documented on this list belongs to you, please contact the WCSO Property & Evidence Room at 734-973-4651.

WCSO Found Property List

Property Auction Site

Recovered unclaimed property is released to an on-line auction service, PROPERTY ROOM.COM, for public auction after six (6) months.  You can access the PROPERTY ROOM.COM website at

Weapons for Destruction - Public Notice Date: None at this time


MAKE              MODEL            TYPE                            CALIBER                      SERIAL NUMBER

None at this time.

If you are claiming ownership of any firearm(s) listed, please write or call within thirty (30) days of the date of public notice. In addition to your ownership claim, you must be authorized to possess firearms.

If no valid ownership claim is received by MSP within thirty (30) days of the date of public notice, the firearm(s) listed above will be destroyed.

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