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Vehicle Impounds & Releases

FAQHaving your vehicle towed and impounded is typically unpleasant, regardless of the circumstances.  This information will give you a better understanding of what to expect and how to redeem your vehicle.  It is in your best interest to get your car out of impound as soon as you can to limit the storage fees which accrue daily.

Why was my vehicle towed? 

Where is my vehicle being stored?

If my vehicle is impounded, how do I get it back?

Can I contest the tow?

What if the tow company provided poor customer service?

When is the next scheduled abandoned vehicle auction?

Why was my vehicle towed?

There are a number of reasons vehicles are towed:

  • If your vehicle is no longer where you left it, there is a good possibility it was parked in a private lot and a tow company removed it and impounded it under a contract with a private business. This is known as a Private Property Impound. The Sheriff’s Office has little to no involvement in this type of impound but we are able to confirm it has been impounded.
  • If you parked illegally (i.e. in a handicap spot, loading zone, expired meter, etc.), your vehicle was probably cited for illegal parking and impounded.
  • If you were involved in an accident and your vehicle was removed from the scene, your vehicle is being stored at a tow company. Towing charges will need to be paid by you or your insurance company but your vehicle is not impounded as long as you were not involved in a criminal act such as driving under the influence or a crash involving critical injury or death.
  • Your car was considered abandoned as defined under MCL 257.252 and a law enforcement agency impounded your vehicle.
  • If your vehicle was used in the commission of a crime, a law enforcement agency impounded your vehicle and it is being stored at a tow company under contract with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office or at a Sheriff's storage facility.


Where is my vehicle being stored?

If your vehicle was impounded as a Private Property Impound it is at the tow company under contract with the private business. If your vehicle was impounded by a law enforcement agency your vehicle is being stored at one of the towing companies under contract with the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office listed below. 

  • Brewer's Inc. (734) 665-8888

      1763 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor 48105

  • Budget Stadium Towing (734) 274-4293

      876 Railroad St., Ypsilanti 48197

  • Don's Body Shop & Towing (734) 449-4484

      7986 Coyle Rd., Whitmore Lake 48189

  • Grant's Auto & Truck Towing (734) 272-4470

      6550 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor 48103

  • Manchester Towing (734) 428-9538

      18481 W. Austin Rd., Manchester 48158

  • Sakstrup's (734) 971-400

      5600 S. State St., Ann Arbor 48108

  • Smith's Service Station (734) 475-8580

      11453 Jackson Rd., Dexter 48130

  • Triangle Towing (734) 761-5696

      191 Hiscock St., Ann Arbor 48103

 If my vehicle was impounded, how do I get it back?

  • Verify if your vehicle has been impounded by contacting the Sheriff’s Office Service Desk at (734) 973-4691 during the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Call Metro Dispatch after hours and during the weekend at (734) 994-2911.
  • A Sheriff’s Office employee will let you know where your vehicle is being stored or if there is an investigative hold on your vehicle. 
  • If there is an investigative hold on your vehicle it cannot be released until the hold has been lifted by the law enforcement agency.
  • You will be directed to go to the tow company storing your vehicle. Once you arrive, the tow company will contact Metro Dispatch. An employee from Metro Dispatch will send a vehicle release to the tow company via email as long as there are not any type of "holds" or restrictions on the vehicle.
  • IMPORTANT – you must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle (title or registration) or have authorization from the owner before the vehicle is released. If you are the owner, you must possess a valid drivers license and have valid insurance on the vehicle.  If you have questions about the required documents for obtaining your vehicle, please contact the service desk at 734-973-4691. 

Can I contest the tow or impound?

  • You may file a petition with the court having jurisdiction over the location from which the vehicle was removed.
  • You must do this by mail or in person at that court within 20 days from the date of the notice sent by the Secretary of State.
  • That notice includes a petition requesting a hearing with the court.
  • The courts charge a fee equal to $40 plus the accrued towing and storage fees, which must be paid when filing the petition.
  • Before the hearing, you may redeem your vehicle by posting a bond with the court equal to $40 plus the accrued towing and storage fees. If you do not redeem the vehicle, storage charges may continue to accrue.
  • If you do not request a hearing, you may redeem your vehicle by paying the towing, storage and abandoned vehicle fees to the vehicle’s custodian.

What if the tow company provided poor customer service?

In an effort to meet our mission of providing quality service, the WCSO has established a Towing Complaint Hotline. This hotline is for citizens to report poor customer service from a contracting tow company. We understand having a vehicle impounded can be a stressful event and receiving poor customer service from a tow company can make matters worse. We require our contracting partners to provide quality service and want to hear from you if you experienced poor customer service. Please call (734) 973-4969 to leave a message and someone will return your call.


Vehicle Auctions

If you have questions, please call Teresa Fox at (734) 973-4394.

All vehicles are being held under the provision of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code, MCL 257.1, et seq or revised judicature act, MCL 600.6001 et seq.  The starting bid of each vehicle is based upon the towing and storage charges due.

Note:  any one of the vehicles listed herein may not be available the day of the sale.  This is due to the fact that any of the vehicles may be claimed by the registered owner, or the LEIN holder, up to the time of the auction.





WCSO AND AAPD AUCTION – Next Auction Tentative July 14, 2016


Sakstrups Towing 5600 S State, Ann Arbor - 8:30 a.m

2001 Ford            1FMYU60E01UB98087

1997 Ford            1FTDX1862VNA20868

2002 Pontiac       1GMDV13E12D245302

2002 Hyundai     KMHDN45D72U357463

2005 Chevrolet  1GNDX33L65D237670

1997 Mercury    4M2DU55P7VUJ65644

1993 Dodge        2B3ED46T9PH576177


2000 Volkswagen  WVWNA23B1YE284118

2003 Ford            1FMZU72KX3UC61020

1998 Ford            2FMZA5144WBE30345 - REMOVED FROM AUCTION

1997 Lincoln        1LNLM97V2VY712747


Triangle Towing 2040 Federal, Ann Arbor - 9:30 a.m.

1993 Ford            1FTCR14U0PPA57502

2006 Pontiac       1GMDV33L16D194139 - RELEASED/REMOVED FROM AUCTION

1996 Ford            2FALP74W0TX216197

2000 Honda        1HGCG225XYA029106

1997 Kawaski     JKBVNAD1XVA066210

2003 Honda        2HKRL18963H505796

2003 Pontiac       1GMDX13E33D147951

2006 Shanghai   LAWTAAMT36C723178

2002 Dodge        2B3HD56M82H194369

2002 Mercury    1MEFM50U22A627275

2004 Chevrolet  1G1ND52F84M608848

2015 Ford          1FT7X2B63FEA09357  (Don's Towing)

Brewer's North Campus BP
1763 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor - 10:30 a.m.

1998 Dodge        1B4HS28YXWF191383

1997 Mitsubishi JA3AY36C5VU047314

2003 Subaru       4S3BH686637605391

1997 Ford            1FALP52U4VG264302

2011 BMW          wbakf9c5xbe261545

2004 Jeep            1J4GL48K34W300227

1999 Chevrolet  1G1JC1245X7171368

2003 Chevrolet  1GNDX13E23D259913

2011 Chrysler     1C3BC1FG1BN536296

2003 Ford            1FAFP40473F410589


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