Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton

Sheriff Jerry L. ClaytonAs your sheriff, I have spent the first few months in office attempting to assess the current status of the Sheriff's Office and have begun putting in place strategies that will enhance our ability to provide quality, cost effective, and efficient public safety services for all of Washtenaw County.

This web site is just one of the tools being put in place that will allow for an open and transparent communication structure where we value input and build trust with our community partners. We will be responsive to all inquiries, provide accurate information in a timely fashion, set clear priorities, make unambiguous commitments, and measure and report on our performance.

Since coming into office we've also added an Email Alert System, revamped our Neighborhood Watch program, put in place a young driver education program, partnered with Crime Stoppers, and restructured the Sheriff's Administrative Team, all with a focus on engaging the residents of Washtenaw County.

During the campaign I spoke at length on what I call the 10 Points Of Change. These 10 measures were my committment to you that I would bring the Sheriff's Office back to a position of leadership and excellence. In the months to come we will continue to update you on our progress. As we do I ask that you keep us updated on your thoughts. Follow us on Facebook, watch us on Youtube, see us on Shutterfly, and communicate with us through email, phone, or by visiting us at the office.  


For additional information contact the Sheriff's Executive Assistant: Kathy Wyatt

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