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Crime Prevention

Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Prevention Services Division

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Property Crime Prevention Tips
School Liaison Officers
Traffic Services Section

Property Crime Prevention Tips

The Washtenaw County Sheriff\'s Department has had tremendous success in recovering property in cases where citizens have been able to furnish a sufficient description of their stolen articles, complete with serial numbers. Therefore, to ensure that your stolen property is retrieved and returned to its rightful owner, the Sheriff\'s Department offers these simple suggestions on property identification:

  • Take the time to record the serial numbers of all your property and valuables. Some of the most repeatedly stolen items include: radios, televisions, stereos, microwave ovens, computers, guns, lawn mowers,   snow blowers, etc.  Serial numbers are usually recorded on a sales invoice at the time of purchase, or can typically be found on the back of the property. This is good information to jot down and maintain on file in a safe place.
  • Engrave a personal identification number on each unit or item.  A driver\'s license number would be one of the most readily identified numbers to use.  Be certain to include the name of your state before the number. 
  • Hide your valuables.  Do not leave expensive jewelry or other such personal possessions in plain view.  Place the items you wear only occasionally in an inconspicuous place.  A safety deposit box should be considered for fine jewelry and large sums of money.  When leaving your home for extended periods, it is wise to move large valuables where they cannot be seen from windows and put small appliances out of sight. 


School Liaison Officers

The School Liaison Officer Program is part of a cooperative effort between education, law enforcement and the community.  The program promotes positive and effective communication between youth, teachers and law enforcement.

The goals of the program are:

  • Create a safer school environment, by encouraging more positive attitudes towards rules, laws and society; supporting conflict resolution and the responsibilities of citizenship; teaching young people the concepts of the criminal justice system, objectives of law enforcement--as it regards public and individual safety; assisting in the prevention of delinquency and criminal activity among young people.
  • Dispel misconceptions about law enforcement and society;
  • Act as a sounding board for students\' concerns;
  • Act as liaison with courts, social services and other community programs.
  • Be a resource for information and community presenters.

At present, there are three School Liaison Officers, based at three County high schools:  Ypsilanti High School, Lincoln High School, and Dexter Community Schools. The duties of those Sheriff's Deputies include:

  • develop and maintain a positive and open relationship with students, faculty and parents;
  • provide informal counseling to students, or send referrals to the guidance office,
  • act as a classroom instructor, providing lessons on law enforcement-related subjects,
  • help to maintain a safe and orderly school-student community,
  • provide technical assistance to the faculty, students and parents in the area of crime prevention or other law enforcement-related work,
  • patrol and observe the halls, cafeteria, parking lot and other areas on or adjacent to school property where students frequent,
  • assist school administrators with the general supervision of the student body and all persons coming onto school property,
  • exercise police authority in criminal situations which require immediate action and serve as Washtenaw County\'s law enforcement representative in non-emergency matters,
  • refer matters of normal school discipline to the principal, and assist the school administration in the formation and implementation of security practices and crime prevention measures to address trends in the school and the community.

Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office School Liaison Officers:

Dexter Community Schools  
Deputy Jeremy Hilobuk 
Lincoln High School         
Deputy Jeff Gontarski
734-484-7006, ext. 7642

Ypsilanti High School       
Deputy John Campbell

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Traffic Services Section

The Traffic Division Secondary Road Patrol enforces traffic laws and investigates accident on roadways in Washtenaw County.  They are responsible for traffic enforcement, motor vehicle accident investigation, and educating the public on traffic safety. This unit is comprised of three traffic investigators.   These investigators have advanced accident training and investigate all major traffic accidents involving serious bodily injury or death.

The Traffic Services Section is also responsible for the purchasing, maintenance and training in radars and lasers, abandoned vehicle inspection program, and special event coordination.

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