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Sheriff Jerry L. Clayton announces the promotion of Lieutenant Marlene Radzik to the rank of Police Services Commander


In anticipation of the retirement of Police Services Commander Dieter Heren in December of this year, Sheriff Clayton has appointed Marlene Radzik his successor as Police Services Division Commander. To provide for a measured and orderly change of command prior to Commander Heren’s retirement, her promotion is effective Wednesday, July 30th, 2014. For the next few months, Commander Radzik will continue to serve in her present role as operational area commander in Sheriff’s East Operations. During this time period, she will also engage in transitional activities to prepare for assuming divisional command upon Commander Heren’s retirement.

Commander Radzik has served Washtenaw County for over 25 years as a Corrections Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Detective, Police Services Sergeant and Lieutenant.  In her new role as Commander, she will be responsible for all Police Services operations within the Sheriff’s Office.  A strong advocate for community-based policing services, over the course of her career she has led or been a part of a wide variety of special policing initiatives including not only enforcement, but community and neighborhood-based problem solving aimed at the root causes of crime.

 Please join Sheriff Clayton and the Sheriff’s Office in congratulating Commander Radzik upon her promotion and new role.


I’m very pleased to appoint Marlene to Police Services Commander.  The Office of the Sheriff is responsible for the preservation of public peace throughout Washtenaw County’s many communities.  Commander Radzik is an effective leader and well matched to this task, and to carrying on the legacy of community-based service provided by Commander Heren, as we move into the future.” ~ Jerry L. Clayton, Sheriff

 “Marlene is an exceptionally competent command officer, respected among her peers,” states Commander Dieter Heren“She brings a wealth of experience and professional insight into what works well in assuring the timely and effective delivery of community-based police services.  I am excited for her promotion.”

 “Commander Radzik loves her job, her peers and this community,” said Derrick Jackson, Director of Community Engagement with the Sheriff’s Office.  “When I think of Marlene, I think of the great work she did while working with the residents of Macarthur Blvd. and the way she pulled a community together to focus on the root causes of addiction and prostitution with the E.A.S.Y. project.


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