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Patrol Dog Certification Trial (July 11th - 13th) - Open to the Public


The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with the Washtenaw-Metro Police Canine Teams, is pleased to announce our hosting of the regional United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Patrol Dog certification trial, Friday, July 11th, through Sunday, July 13th, 2014. The event is open to the public. Approximately 30 handler and dog teams are expected to participate. Most events will be held at Ypsilanti Community School’s Shadford Athletic Field, 2095 Packard Road, Ypsilanti.

Consisting of 25 regions, the USPCA is the largest and oldest active police dog certification organization in North America.  Our region covers the State of Michigan and Ontario, Canada.  The Association provides two (2) annual certification trials hosted by different member organizations.  Detector Dog and Tracking trials are held each spring and Patrol Dog trials in the summer.  The Patrol Dog trial (Police Dog I) consists of Obedience exercises, demonstrating handler control at heel and at a distance; Agility exercises, demonstrating the dog’s ability to navigate various obstacles; Searching exercises, demonstrating the dog’s ability to locate hidden individuals and articles; and, Criminal Apprehension exercises, demonstrating control of the dog under various scenarios, including apprehension under gunfire.  The itinerary for this year’s Patrol Dog trial is as follows:


·         Friday, July 11th:  Obedience & Agility

·         8:00 a.m.:      Obedience; Shadford Field

·         1:00 p.m.:      Agility; Shadford Field

·         Saturday, July 12th:  Searching

·         8:00 a.m.:      Article Search; Ypsilanti Township Hall*

·         1:00 p.m.:      Suspect Search; Shadford Field

·         Sunday, July 13th:  Apprehension

·         8:00 a.m.       Criminal Apprehension; Shadford Field

·         11:00 a.m.:     Criminal Apprehension under Gunfire; Shadford Field


*Note:  Article searches will be held east of the Ypsilanti Township Hall, 7200 S. Huron River Drive, behind the National Guard Armory.


The Sheriff’s Office first began its use of police service dogs almost 50 years ago (1965), with three (3) German Shepherd Dogs, Fritz, Banji and Sandy, who came to Washtenaw County from Kennels in Poland, Germany and Switzerland.  Two (2) police service dogs, Bary and Karn, continue this five (5) decade tradition.  Constantly in demand, both Bary and Karn are certified patrol and tracking dogs.  Karn specializes in drug detection and Bary in explosives detection.  The dogs live with their human partners as a part of their families, and serve as each handler’s duty partner.


Please stop out, enjoy the event and support the region’s police service dog programs.  

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