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Missing Endangered Person Robert Mullins found with support from WCSO Mounted Unit, Reserve Unit and many other Area Agencies


On 3/28/14, Robert Mullins, a 79 year old man with dementia, walked away from a Senior Assisted Living Center in Superior Township at approximately 9:00pm. Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office Mounted Unit and Reserve Unit were activated to assist Detectives and Deputies, among many other partnering agencies, in their search for Mr. Mullins. As the Mounted Unit searched a field on Prospect just north of Geddes, they came across Mr. Mullins laying in the field, alive and talking with no visible signs of injury, though exhausted from the 20 hours he spend outside wandering on his own.

WCSO Mounted Unit Members 2WCSO Mounted Unit MembersMounted Unit Team Members bring Mr. Mullins to safetyThe Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office is very appreciative of all the support provided by the Canton Police Department, Superior Township Fire Department, Van Buren Township Police Department, Ypsilanti City Police Department, and the Washtenaw County Technical Response Team (TRT).  This is a perfect example of what it truly means to be partners in public safety while continuing to build strong and sustainable communities, while providing quality service. 

“I admire your commitment and dedication and I am as proud of each of you individually as I am of the WCSO organizationally. The brand that is the "WCSO" is not about the color of the uniforms we wear or the make and model of the vehicles we drive. It is about the quality service each of you provide every day, often times in the face of extraordinarily challenging circumstances. It is about your role serving as exemplary leaders in our community”.                                                                    ~ Jerry Clayton, Sheriff

Email from the relatives of Robert Mullins:

Dear Thomas Sinks,
We would like to thank you for all your efforts and the diligent work of your entire team. Your coordinated efforts, communication and going above and beyond saved our Dad from dying on the side of the road. Our Dad remains at St. Joseph Hospital, there is some kidney damage due to the cold and extreme weather, but we are praying for a positive outcome. Please give our sincere thanks to all those involved.
In addition, we would like to request a copy of the police report and obtain any available photos.
Thanks again,
Beth Fehrle, Karen Banach and Mary McCombie (daughters to Robert Mullins)

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