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K-9 Karn Tracks Fleeing Subject


Deputy Jerimiah Richardson attempted to take a probation absconder into custody on Saturday evening, May 31st, 2014, at about 6:00 p.m. The violator fled on foot into an area adjacent to Ford Lake in Ypsilanti Township.

K-9 Karn Successful TrackDeputy Richardson pursued the violator, lost the subject in an undeveloped area, and called for assistance.  With a standing order to immediately respond to such circumstances, Deputy Gerrod Visel responded with his partner, Police Service Dog Karn.  After receiving a full description of the violator and the circumstances involved in the situation, Deputy Visel escorted K-9 Karn to the area where the subject was last seen.  Karn cast about in the area, located the subject’s scent and began his track.  Tracking through short grass, taller grass and brush, K-9 Karn located clothing the violator had discarded, inspected a few areas and continued to track.  Tracking up an embankment towards an area of thick brush and bushes, K-9 Karn led Deputies to the violator who called out to them, giving himself up.


K-9 Karn is certified as a police service tracking dog, narcotics detection dog and police patrol dog by both the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) and the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers (NAPCH).  Deployment of police service dogs, like K-9 Karn, in instances such as this demonstrates their ability to resolve such incidents in a timely and effective manner, supporting the efficient and effective deployment of police resources.  In addition to his work in the field, Karn has recently spent time in different schools as a part of presentations about police service dogs and their value to the community and the law enforcement agencies they serve.


Congratulations to K-9 Karn on another successful track and area search. 


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