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Suspect Michael Glenn Sentenced 14-21 Years in Prison for Multiple Assault Charges


On 11/27/12, in response to the report of a female needing help and bleeding heavily, Deputies were dispatched to the 2300 block of McKinley Street in Ypsilanti Township. A lengthy investigation provided the following information.

Det. Raisanen, Dep. Spike, Cpl. MercureOn the above date, the victim went to Michael Glenn’s residence to end their dating relationship and retrieve several personal items. While at his residence the victim and Glenn argued in her vehicle. The argument escalated and Glenn began striking her and subsequently stabbed her multiple times in the face with an unknown object. Glenn strangled the victim to the point of unconsciousness and then dragged her from the vehicle into the roadway where he backed over her several times with the vehicle. He then forced her into the trunk where she continued to fight.  As Glenn attempted to shut the trunk lid, the victim wedged her leg so that it could not be locked. Glenn continued to slam the trunk lid closed, breaking the victim’s ankle in the process.


The victim was able to calm Glenn down by telling him that she would not break up with him or call the police. Glenn believed her and left her while he went inside to get some items. While Glenn was inside the residence, the victim escaped and ran to several houses seeking assistance to no avail until Austin Thomason opened his door, called 911 and provided assistance, care and compassion.  The victim later referred to him as her “guardian angel”. 


Glenn fled the area after the assault and deliberately avoided capture until he was located and arrested in Detroit approximately a month later.  He pled guilty to Assault with Intent to Murder, Felonious Assault, and Unlawful Driving Away an Automobile.  He was sentenced to 14 to 21 years in prison by the Honorable Judge Donald E. Shelton.      


 “This is among the most brutal assaults that I have seen in my career.  The victim survived due to her bravery and unrelenting will to live.  She is an inspiration.  Jess Spike and Tom Mercure were the initial responding Deputies to this investigation and are commended on a job well done.”

                                                                             ~ Detective Craig Raisanen


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