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Sheriff’s Police Service Dog Locates Handgun


On the evening of June 13, 2013, a subject considering suicide decided not to act and sought assistance. However, they tossed a firearm into a large field of tall grass and brush open to the public in Freedom Township. Sgt. Steve Armstrong and Police Service Dog (PSD) Bary were dispatched to the area to attempt to locate the firearm to both verify an aspect of the reported occurrence for the overall investigation and to assure public safety.

Sgt. Steve Armstrong & PSD BaryA highly experienced Police Service Dog, Bary deployed in the area and worked in a northbound direction.  His search behavior intensified relatively quickly and he led Sgt. Armstrong to an area where he alerted on an item in the tall grass just inside of a wood line approximately 150-200 feet from a walking trail.  The item proved to be the firearm in question.

Congratulations to Sgt. Steve Armstrong and PSD Bary for successfully and safely locating the firearm.


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