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Sheriff’s Office Closes Six (6) Year Old Homicide Case with Two (2) Convictions


Sheriff’s Detectives recently ended a six (6) year investigation into a heart wrenching homicide with convictions of both suspects. On August 18th, 2006, a break in and brutal assault resulted in the murder of William Samuel Kenney at the former Jim Bradley Pontiac-GMC Buick auto dealership in Scio Township.

Sgt. Pat Bell & Det. Craig RaisanenA porter and custodian at the dealership, Mr. Kenney, was attacked by suspects Shane Roscoe and his nephew Jonathon Aiden during their break in.  Both were former employees of the dealership.  Mr. Kenney was struck on the head and run over multiple times by the suspects with his own car.  Discovered by a fellow employee, Mr. Kenney was hospitalized and died approximately one month later.

Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the initial crime scene followed by Detectives who then engaged in a complex, multi-year investigation which led to the early development of Roscoe and Aiden as suspects.  Roscoe denied involvement and Aiden fled the State.  Based upon information gleaned from a September 2011 interview and computer analysis evidence, Detectives obtained arrest warrants for both Roscoe and Aiden.  Roscoe was arrested in September 2012.  Aiden, in prison in Florida for breaking and entering, was extradited to Michigan in July 2012 upon the authority of the 2011 arrest warrant.

A jury found Roscoe guilty of felony murder, breaking and entering, safe breaking and obstructing a police officer in June 2012.  He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.  Subsequently, in February 2013, a separate jury found Aiden guilty of premeditated first degree murder, felony murder, safe breaking and conspiracy to commit breaking and entering and safe breaking.  Aiden will be sentenced in March 2013.

Detective in Charge - Craig Raisanen

“This was an absolute team effort from Detectives, Deputies, the Prosecutor’s Office, Command, and office personnel.  I am proud of the work that was done and I know that the family is grateful that Sam Kenney finally has justice.” ~ Detective Craig Raisanen


“Although there are times when the wheels of justice turn slowly, they do turn.  As a result of the hard work, dedication and competence of the men and women of the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office and Prosecutor’s Office, justice for Sam Kenney, his family and loved ones has been achieved.  I am extremely proud of the skill and tenacity demonstrated by the detectives and deputies assigned to this case and appreciate the commitment to teamwork demonstrated by the prosecutor’s staff.  It is our hope that the final verdict in court provides some sense of closure for those that knew and cared for Sam.” ~ Sheriff Jerry Clayton


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