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Sheriff & Prosecutor’s Offices achieve conviction on Unlawful Imprisonment, Assault and Criminal Sexual Conduct Case.


On 03/21/12, Deputies Heather Morrison and Chad Teets responded to an Ypsilanti Township address to investigate the alleged false imprisonment and assault of a female. Upon their arrival it was determined that the female had been held at the residence against her will for over thirty (30) hours by her then boyfriend Dajuan Roberts. During the time she was held, she sustained multiple injuries, including knife wounds and a “branding” injury where Roberts had burned his initials into a portion of her body with a hot coat hanger during one of several assaults. She reported that she had been repeatedly sexually assaulted by Roberts during the course of her imprisonment.

Det. Mike BabyczWhen backup Deputy John Cratsenburg arrived moments after the initial police response, he discovered that Dajuan Roberts had jumped from his bedroom window and fled the scene on foot.  Cratsenburg gave chase and successfully apprehended Roberts a short distance away from the residence.

Detectives subsequently assumed control of the investigation and Roberts was charged with twelve (12) assaultive felonies including Assault with Intent to Murder, Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm, False Imprisonment, Domestic Assault and 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.

On 04/12/13 Roberts was found guilty by a jury of Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm, two (2) counts of Felonious Assault, three (3) counts of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, Unlawful Imprisonment, Domestic Assault and Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer.  On 05/10/13 Roberts appeared before the Honorable Judge David Swartz and was sentenced to 50-90 years imprisonment with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Present throughout the trial, the victim and her family were grateful for the hard work of Assistant Prosecutor Sam Holtz and Victim/Witness Advocate Julia Cate from the Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, along with Detective Michael Babycz, the Officer in Charge of the case for the Sheriff’s Office.

Roberts posed a clear danger to the community we serve.  I’m proud of the collaborative efforts of members of the Sheriff’s and Prosecutor’s Office to see that justice is served for a particularly heinous crime.  Roberts’ lengthy incarceration ensures that he will not be provided with the opportunity to victimize anyone else.”

              Deputies Involved                                                                                                         ~ Jerry L. Clayton, Sheriff


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