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Public Safety Challenges Facing Washtenaw County!

The 2010 Community Report released by Sheriff Clayton is the start of a conversation regarding the public safety challenges facing our community.

Welcome to the first installment of the WCSO's Community Report. An educated community is our best partner and we provide this document in the spirit of partnership and collaboration. Within the hard copy version of the report Sheriff Clayton included an abbreviated letter to residents laying out the public safety challenges facing our community. You can also see the full version of that document, Public Safety Challenges Facing Washtenaw County. 

The mission of the WCSO is to Create Public Safety, Provide Quality Service, Build Strong & Sustainable Communities. We believe that the best way to do so is through proactive, strategic partnerships with the community instead of just traditional, reactive policing. The WCSO is committed to deploying deputies that fully understand the communities they work in, are willing to have an open dialogue with neighbors, are committed to adapting strategies where appropriate because of community concerns and priorities, are focused on establishing trust with residents, and are willing to maximize opportunities to deliver police services in partnership with the community.

Through service excellence and crime prevention our goal is to improve the quality of life in the County and build strong and sustainable communities. We will also be good stewards of your tax dollars by pursuing our mission in the most efficient, strategic, cost-effective, fiscally responsible way possible. This report will highlight the progress we have made together toward achieving these goals.

Read the full report here: 


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