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In & Out Shooter Arrested!


On November 16, 2011 the suspected shooter from the November 5, 2011 shooting at the In & Out on Share and Harris in Ypsilanti Township was taken into custody.

Today, Arndola Charles Lewis of Ypsilanti was arraigned and charged with; 
-2 counts of Assault with Intent to Murder 
-1 count of a Felon in Possession of a Firearm 
-1 count of Carrying a Concealed Weapon 
-1 count of Felony Firearm 

Original release from the November 5th incident;

Deputies arrived on scene to find that both the suspects and potential victims of the shooting had fled the scene. At this time the reasons why or how this altercation began are unknown and we are asking for your assistance to identify or share any information you may have. 

Here is what we know at this time. Shortly before 12:55 a vehicle pulls into the In & Out parking lot. This vehicle is described as a light colored 2 door car with black door handles - compact car, possibly foreign in model. A few moments later a second vehicle described as a charcoal colored Chevy HHR also pulls in the parking lot. A suspect from the first vehicle begins shooting into the Chevy HHR. Both vehicles flee the scene. The shooters vehicle is last seen heading north on Harris Rd. while the victims vehicle (the Chevy HHR) is found a short time later on Jeffrey St. in the neighborhood near the In & Out party store. The victims were not with the vehicle when it was found. 

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