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Deputy Joseph Ballard Saves Drowning Man’s Life


Because of Deputy Ballard’s courageous actions, risking his own life, he was able to save the life of another. Deputy Ballard’s commitment, courage and selflessness make us all proud.

Deputy Joseph Ballard Saves Drowning Man’s Life

Picture by Melanie Maxwell -

On August 2, 2011, Deputy Joseph Ballard responded to a report of a man in the Huron River. He was able to locate the man drifting down the river, sometimes totally submerged, apparently unresponsive and lifeless. Deputy Ballard quickly removed his vest and gun belt, advised Dispatch, and went into the water to rescue the potential drowning victim. He managed to bring the man to shore where HVA and Fire were waiting to respond and transport. The individual saved was released from U of M hospital shortly after the incident with no serious injury. also ran an article and interview with Deputy Ballard recognizing his actions and that the WCSO will be awarding him a lifesaving award (as well as a commendation). See the full article


In the article Sheriff Jerry Clayton talked about being proud of Ballard’s actions and noted:


“I think sometimes people take for granted what first responders do,” Clayton said. “I think this is just another example of the selflessness of first responders.”  


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