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Indecent Exposure Suspect Arrested


A 47-year-old man responsible for at least 10 indecent exposure incidents was arrested.


On 08/17/2010, Deputy Mark Mesko was patrolling Dexter Village when he was informed of an indecent exposure complaint that had just occurred in Lima Township, which the Michigan State Police were investigating. Deputy Mesko noticed several similarities to recent indecent exposure incidents that have happened in the area and stationed his patrol vehicle in a strategic location based upon the past behavior of the suspect.

Deputy Mesko noticed a vehicle drive by that fit the description of a suspect vehicle from a previous incident in the area. A traffic stop was conducted on the suspect vehicle and contact was made with the driver. It was determined that the driver was the suspect in the incident that had just occurred in Lima Township. The driver, a 47-year-old man and resident of East Tawas, was arrested without incident.

The man is also believed to be responsible for multiple indecent exposure cases, including one in Stockbridge, one in Chelsea, two in Ann Arbor, two in Dexter Township, one in Webster Township, and two in Scio Township. These cases are still under investigation and once they are completed they will be forwarded to the appropriate prosecutor’s office for review of criminal charges.

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