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What is Video Visitation?

  • Video Visitation is a fully automated inmate visitation system at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.
  • Inmates visit with family and friends through a video terminal similar to a web cam & computer.
  • Visitors are able to schedule visits on-line through any web connection. However, actual visits take place at the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.
  • Visiting hours are more flexible than traditional visiting.


Video Visitation Details

  • Family and friends coordinate to decide who will visit for the inmates weekly visit.
  • One person must register on-line with the visitation system in order to schedule visits. YOU CAN NOT SCHEDULE A VISIT UNTIL YOU REGISTER WITH THE SYSTEM.

    Video Visitation Hours

    Tuesday-Friday 12:00PM-8:00PM

    Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM

  • For persons without internet access, computers are available to complete this process in the public lobby of the Sheriff's Office.
  • Once registered, the person wishing to visit will be allowed to schedule the weekly visit during any available period identified during the scheduling process. THE PERSON SCHEDULING MUST INCLUDE ALL THOSE WHO WILL BE ATTENDING THE WEEKLY VISIT, AS THOSE NOT LISTED WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VISIT. REMEMBER, ONCE THIS VISIT IS SCHEDULED, NO ONE ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO SCHEDULE ANOTHER VISIT FOR THAT WEEK.
  • Once your visit is scheduled please report to the Sheriff's Office lobby 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled visiting time. Please check in with the Visitation Officer.
  • If an e-mail is provided at registration, you will be notified of cancellations via e-mail.
  • After your visit, you may use the equipment in the lobby to schedule your visit for the next week.


Video Visitation Detail Handout

Learn to Register and Schedule a Visit

Register & Schedule a Visit


Inmate Mail

ALL Inmate mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmate's Name (No Nicknames - Proper Full Name)

Be sure to include a valid return address in the upper left hand corner of your envelope!

The following is a list of items that are unauthorized and CANNOT be accepted in any inmate's personal correspondence. If any of these items are found, the entire envelope and its contents will be returned to sender.

  • Cash
  • Personal Checks / Payroll Checks
  • Postage Stamps, Envelops, Stationary, Pre-printed address labels
  • Musical or Novelty type Greetings Cards
  • Oversized Greeting Cards (Maximum allowed is 5 x 9)
  • Calendars
  • Polaroid Photographs
  • Nude, Partially nude, or sexually explicit photos
  • Photos suggesting or depicting "gang" colors, gestures, or allegiance
  • Photos may be no larger than 4 x 6, and are limited to 5 to their possession
  • Magazines and newspapers mailed from other than the PUBLISHER. Books will not be accepted from bookstores or retailers i.e. Borders, Barnes and Nobles, etc.
  • Letter and / or envelopes that are sealed with or contain lipstick, perfume, toothpaste, glue, glitter, stickers, staples, metal objects, metal fasteners, or any other foreign adhesive.
  • Money orders made out to the Washtenaw County Jail in care of the inmate will accepted through the mail for the purchase of personal hygiene, stationary, and any other commissary items.


Inmate Care Packages

An iCare gift bag is a powerful, convenient way to tell an offender they have the support of their loved ones. Using a debit or credit card, friends and family can send packages that appeal to a wide range of tastes and needs such as snacks, chocolate, coffee, health and beauty, cookies, comfort items and stationery.

Information, contents and prices of each care package can be viewed online!


Bonding Information

If a 10% bond is posted, the court will retain 10% of the posted amount. The bond is released to the bonder at completion of the case, or earlier, if ordered by judge.  Bond can be posted in either the inmate’s name (if allowing inmate to use bond towards fine/costs) or the bonder’s name. Bond, less 10%, will be returned to the bonder or inmate depending on who’s name the bond was posted in.

If the 10% bond is placed in the bonder’s name, the refund check is sent by the court to the bonder once the court case is completed.  However, if the inmate fails to appear at the court hearing, the bond is forfeited and the bonder is responsible for the total bond.

If the 10% bond is placed in the inmate’s name, the refund check is sent by the court to the inmate once the court case is completed. However, if the inmate fails to appear at the court hearing, the bond is forfeited and the inmate is responsible for the total bond.

If any portion of the inmate’s commissary funds are used to pay for ANY amount of the bond, the bond is automatically placed in the inmate’s name.

Other than 10% bonds, all other bonds are placed in the inmate's name.

  • During the hours of 8:00AM to 4:30PM, all bonds are paid at the respective court.
  • Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office ITR will take bonds Monday - Friday 4:30PM to 8:00AM.  On weekends and holiday the ITR will take bonds 24/7.  Bond paperwork completed by our staff will include the name the bonder wants the bond to be placed in (bonder or inmate).

Payment Type:

  • Master Card, Visa and Discover only!
  • No Master or Visa Debit Cards with pin numbers will be accepted.
  • Money orders and cashier's checks are acceptable and are to be made payable to the inmate and /or Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office.
  • No personal checks.


Inmate Money & Accounting

TouchPay provides the most convenient, secure, and cost-effective methods for friends and family members to deposit funds into the accounts of incarcerated love ones or to make mandated payments. Customers can make deposits and payments through our proprietary Lobby Kiosk, online through our secure web portal, via toll-free phone IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and through select retail providers. Funds are typically available within 24 hours.

Transactions can be applied to the following services:

  • Commissary Account
  • Telephone Account

Methods of Payment Accepted:

  • Cash
  • Master Card
  • Visa

Charge will appear on your credit card/checking statement as INMATE PAYMENT.

Methods to make Deposits:

Inmate ID Number Required

Washtenaw County Jail Facility Number 248105


Inmate Property Release

Kites cannot be sent to the visiting officer for inmate property releases.  Inmates may send a kite to the ITR at any time to advise ITR property staff of the person who will pick up their property.

Valid ID is required for all property releases.

Property Release Times

As long as the inmate has given permission, via kite, for someone to pick up their property, property releases are done 24/7.

Releasable Items

All of the inmate's personal property not in their immediate possession must be released.  The only exception is one complete set of clothes to dress in upon release from the facility may be retained.

Approved Property

Approved property items can be dropped off at the Video Visitation Center during the inmate’s scheduled visit.

Approved property includes: Appropriate Court Clothing, Prescription Eyewear such as eyeglasses (sunglasses are not authorized), Contacts, and Saline Solutions (sealed vials/bottles). Medications, prescriptions and medical equipment will be accepted based upon approval of jail medical staff.

Inmate Transfers

When an inmate is transferred to prison their property will be boxed up and held for 14 days from time of sentencing.

Any prisoner who is transferred to prison may designate up to two persons to collect their belongings from the jail before it is destroyed.

All unclaimed property will be destroyed 14 days after the inmate is sentenced to prison or boot-camp.

Inmate Phone Calls & Voicemails

You can receive phone calls from your loved ones as well as leave them a voicemail through Securus Technologies.  Please click the link below for instructions.


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