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Community Work Program

Community Work Program

The Washtenaw County Sheriff Community Work Program (CWP) is located in the Rentry Center at 4101 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48108. The CWP is an alternative to incarceration program that substitutes community labor, rather than incarceration, for carefully selected offenders.  The Work Program provides service to local municipalities and other non-profit organizations throughout Washtenaw County.

Inmate's are assigned to a wide variety of work tasks that include, but are not limited to:

  • Roads and Drainage Ditch Clean Up
  • Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance
  • General Labor


Under the supervision of a Sheriff Work Program deputy, participants clean the grounds of Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti. Community Work Program participants clearing brush at Nichols Arboretum.

The Work Program offers many benefits to Washtenaw County taxpayers, community agencies and the criminal justice system and offenders:

  • Provides judges alternative sentencing.
  • Provides community service labor to build,repair and improve community and county properties.
  • Reduces jail overcrowding and improves jail utilization for more serious offenders.
  • Allows offenders the opportunity to maintain existing employment, education and family ties.


Sheriff Work Program at the U of M Botanical Gardens. A Work Program participant helps clear leaves in early November at Highland Cemetery. The Work Program helps keep this 120 acre cemetery free of fallen leaves each fall.

The Sheriff Community Work Program also participates in a program that offers snow removal for seniors and people with disabilities.  Every year the Work Program assists in clearing snow for approximately 150 households throughout the county.  If you are interested in receiving assistance with snow removal from the Community Work Program please call 734-971-8400 and enter 'storm' (78676) and leave a detailed message.

The Community Work Program clears a driveway in Ann Arbor. The Community Work Program clearing snow from Lillie Park in Pittsfield Township.

If you are interested in the services provided by the Community Work Program please call 734-973-4867.

Hours of operation for the Work Program are  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Seven days a week.  For more information, please call CO Jason Polger 734-260-4113 or Cpl. Tim Wolverton 734-260-1406.

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