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Salvage Vehicle Inspections

What is a Salvage Vehicle?

A salvage vehicle is one that has been damaged or wrecked and is considered too costly to repair.

What are some of the reasons that cause a vehicle to move to the “salvage” category?

  •  Accident
  •  Theft
  •  Fire
  •  Flood
  •  Public Vehicle Identification Number (PVIN) removal or alteration

What are Michigan’s State Guidelines for salvage vehicles?

  • Vehicles that have salvage titles are required to be inspected by a specially trained salvage vehicle inspector BEFORE a license plate may be purchased for the vehicle.
  • The inspection fee of up to $100 (effective 1/3/03) is payable to the police agency employing the Inspector.
  • An Application for Salvage Vehicle Inspection must be completed prior to the inspection. This form is available at all Secretary of State offices or by completing the Application for Vehicle Inspection Form.  To find this application form or to locate a Salvage Vehicle Inspector in your area, please visit the website

 The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office does not currently perform salvage inspections. 



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