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E.A.S.Y. Prostitution

Enforcement Against Streetwalkers in Ypsilanti is a wholistic proactive approach to the prostitution problem along the Michigan Ave. corridor of Ypsilanti. It's not simply about arresting known prostitutes. It's about helping those in need while building a better community.


What is E.A.S.Y.

Enforcement Against Streetwalkers in Ypsilanti is a proactive response to the problem of  prostitution along the Michigan Avenue corridor in the City of Ypsilanti and Ypsilanti Township.  

For years, traditional tactics of simply arresting known prostitutes or those that solicit prostitutes have been ineffective. E.A.S.Y. however, brings together law enforcement, human services, the judicial system and elected officials in an effort to provide the resources needed for someone to remove themselves from a  life of prostitution and ultimately clean up the streets of Ypsilanti Township and the City of Ypsilanti.


  • Stings take place to clear the streets of prostitutes
  • Once arrested prostitutes are immediately assessed by mental health professionals (through P.O.R.T.)
  • A recommendation based on this assessment is forwarded to the magistrate for arraignment
  • Prostitutes are then held in jail until arraignment and are sentenced to services
  • While incarcerated they are assigned a case worker and begin to work on the root causes of prostitution (addiction & mental health issues)
  • Upon release these women have the option to move into a home (Home of New Vision) for additional assistance with addiction


  • Stings take place to clear the streets of those that solicit prostitutes and curb the "demand" for prostitutes
  • Upon arrest the "Johns" have their vehicles impounded
  • Vehicles are not released until fines are paid
  • Those arrested and charged are then listed publicly


Why is E.A.S.Y. Needed

Street prostitution in the Ypsilanti community, according to one former prostitute "is not about being a professional prostitute, it's about being an addict and doing whatever you have to do to get a fix."


  • Prostitutes and clients may spread sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, herpes, and AIDS
  • Used condoms, syringes, and other paraphernalia left on the ground are unsightly and potentially hazardous
  • Clients or prostitutes may be defrauded, robbed, or assaulted
  • Street prostitution and street drug markets in our community are linked
  • Prostitution attracts strangers and criminals to our neighborhoods
  • Legitimate businesses lose customers who avoid the area because of prostitution
  • Prostitutes' presence negatively effect the area economy, reducing property values and limiting property use


For more information regarding E.A.S.Y. please contact Sgt. Marlene Radzik

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