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Links are click-able text that allows people to click and go to another page. In this system there is a distinction between internal links (other pages on the same site) and external links that go to pages on other websites.

External Link

Highlight the text and use the Chain (Insert/edit link) icon.

  • New York Times

Internal Link

Highlight the text and use the Chain (Insert/edit link) icon.

  • Bat Facts (in the same folder)
  • Washtenaw County Sheriff (in a different folder)

Mailto Link

Type the email address and hit the space bar or enter key.


Links in a Sentence

Two ways to do it. One is easier for the editor and the other is easier for the reader.

  • For a fascinating article about bald eagles, click here.
  • This is a fascinating article about bald eagles that I think you should read.

Check your work! Click on the links and make sure it goes where you expect it to go.

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