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Pattengill Schoolyard Rain Garden


3rd and 4th grade students at Pattengill Elementary School in Ann Arbor have studied, built and planted a rain garden in their own schoolyard. Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, the school now has a native plant rain garden that captures stormwater from some paved areas.

Pattengill Planting Day

Students from Mrs. Beech and Mrs. Cheladyn's classes participated in a rain garden project this fall. Water Resources Commissioner's Office staff taught three lessons on stormwater, water quality, wildlife habitat and rain gardens. After studying why rain gardens are important and what they are, we held a neighborhood workday to dig the shape of the rain garden. Pattengill teachers, parents, students, neighbors and even the principal came out to dig in the hard soils one Sunday morning. The next week, students planted native plants like Black Eyed Susan, Wild Strawberry, Wild Geranium, Fox Sedge and Blue Flag Iris. 

This rain garden will help slow and clean stormwater, prevent pollution from reaching our rivers and also creates a beautiful wildlife habitat!

Pattengill 2 

With help from the PTO president, Master Rain Gardener volunteers, a neighborhood gardener, the teachers and about 50 students, we planted the rain garden in mid October. If you have any questions or would like to help care for this rain garden in the future, please contact Catie at or (734) 222-6813.

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