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A2 STEAM at Northside builds a Rain Garden


The 6th graders at A2 STEAM at Northside have dug, composted, mulched and planted two rain gardens at their school. Placed on either side of the path, these rain gardens will capture, store and clean stormwater. They are also full of native plants that will be good habitat for birds and bees. If you would like to volunteer to help care for the gardens, email Catie at or call (734) 222-6813.

Northside Digging

6th graders remove the grass and dig down to make the rain garden level. Extra dirt was placed to make a berm on the downslope side to keep the water in the rain garden.

Northside mulching

After the shape of the rain garden was dug, we added in compost and then covered it with mulch. The mulch helps keep the weeds out and the soil moist.

Northside planting

The final step was to plant our native plant plugs! We planted wild strawberry, purple coneflower, black eyed susan, baptisia and more!

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