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Radio Shows on WEMU 89.1FM

Washtenaw County's Office of the Water Resources Commissioner and Public Health's Environmental Health Division help produce two radio shows in collaboration with WEMU News. Tune in to hear about environmental issues impacting Washtenaw County!

89.1 WEMUIssues of the Environment
Weekly radio show that airs each Wednesday at 6:50am and 8:50am. This show has been named Best Mini-Documentary or Series by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters!

  • Wednesday, January 25: Nate Geisler, Energy Programs Analyst​ for Ann Arbor, will discuss the Ann Arbor Group Solar initiative. The new group solar plan allows residents and their neighbors to get a group discount for purchasing rooftop solar panels. The city hopes that about 500 residents a year will install panels in order to help the city reach their clean energy goals.
  • Wednesday, February 1: Dr. John DeCicco, Research Professor, University of Michigan Energy Institute, to discuss his research that shows biofuels - created from crops such as corn or soybeans - cause more emissions of climate change-causing carbon dioxide than gasoline.
  • Wednesday, February 8: Rebecca Esselman, Watershed Planner for the Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC), to discuss the potential impacts of climate change on the Huron River region. Climate change has already begun to alter conditions on and surrounding the river, and the HRWC is working to identify and implement strategies to mitigate the damage.
  • Wednesday, February 22: Meredith Gore, assistant professor at Michigan State University's Fisheries and Wildlife School of Criminal Justice​, to discuss social science research on the perception of wolves in Michigan and how it relates to legislative actions. 


The Green Room
Monthly radio show that airs the last Friday of each month at 6:50am and 8:50am.

  • Ann Arbor's 1, 4 Dioxane Plume - Series
    Gelman Life Sciences on Wagner Road stopped using dioxane 30 years ago.  But despite efforts to contain it, the 850,000 pounds they dumped have been spreading throughout the groundwater.  Now the plume covers about three square miles, on Ann Arbor’s west side.  There has been much debate over decisions to create a prohibition zone, restricting water use in the contamination area, rather than focusing on contamination removal.  Barbara Lucas explores this contamination in a series of interviews.


Tune in to 89.1FM WEMU to hear the shows on air, or listen to archived shows on our Issues of the Environment and The Green Room pages.

For questions or ideas for future show topics, please contact Mary Mathias Lapp.

Thanks for listening!


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