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Statutory Drainage Board - September 15, 2014


A regular Statutory Drainage Board meeting is scheduled for September 15th

September's regular Statutory Drainage Board meeting is scheduled for September 15th, located at 220 N. Main in the Administrator Meeting Rm (First Floor) at 4:30 p.m.

Statutory Drain Board

The Statutory Drain Board meets monthly to oversee the management of drains established under Chapter 20 of the Michigan Drain Code, which are established for the public health, convenience or welfare. Chapter Twenty-one provides for procedures in multi-county projects. They parallel the Chapter Twenty procedures with a few exceptions.

A three-member board consisting of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner, the Chair of the Board of Commissioners, and one additional member of the Board of Commissioners is charged with oversight of Chapter 20 and 21 drains. The members of the Washtenaw County Statutory Drainage Board in 2013 include Water Resources Commissioner Evan N. Pratt, P.E., County Commissioner Yousef Rabhi and County Commissioner Andy LaBarre.

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Environmental Excellence Partnership Program

We are launching a new program to assist businesses and non-profit organizations in recognizing, developing and implementing environmentally sound behavior in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction & recycling and pollution prevention. There are three opportunities for participation:

  1. Community Partners for Clean Streams
  2. Pollution Prevention
  3. Waste Knot

Participation in more than one program is welcome and encouraged! Learn more on our brand new E2P2 website.

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