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2014 DRAFT - Rules and Guidelines of the Water Resources Commissioner


The Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner has drafted revisions to the Rules and Guidelines – Procedures & Design Criteria for Stormwater Management Systems, which are proposed to be issued on August 6, 2014. Highlights of the rule updates include: a mandatory pre-application meeting, updated precipitation data for the County, and the use of infiltration / green infrastructure practices on all appropriate sites. Public comment on the Draft Rules will be accepted through August 1, 2014. Please forward comments to

Rules 2014 Cover

These Rules are necessary to protect, maintain and enhance the public health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of Washtenaw County and to protect the environment against pollution and other adverse effects from stormwater runoff through the establishment of minimum requirements and procedures for stormwater management systems.  Proper management of stormwater runoff will minimize damage to public and private property, reduce the effects of development on land, control stream channel erosion, reduce local flooding, protect floodplains, wetlands, water resources, riparian and aquatic resources, and otherwise provide for environmentally sound use of the county’s natural resources and maintain after development, as nearly as possible, the pre-development runoff characteristics. 


To review a copy of the 2014 Draft Rules click HERE.

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