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Malletts Creek Restoration Project

Malletts Creek Restoration Project


The Malletts Creek Restoration Plan recommended a variety of management practices. The chart below summarizes these activities and their implementation status.



Illicit Discharge Elimination

in progressStreet and parking lot storm drains collect rainfall and deliver it directly to Malletts Creek. Storm water runoff does not get treated at all. Anything other than storm water entering the pipes are called illicit discharges. Illegal dumping and incorrectly connected sanitary lines are the common examples of illicit discharges. A program is underway to identify and eliminate illicit discharges. This program is funded largely through a grant from the Mi. Dept. of Environmental Quality. The grant amount is $462,000. The expected completion date is December 31, 2004.

Sampling for Bacteria & Phosphorus

in progressThe Michigan Department of Environmental Quality completed E. coli sampling in the summer/fall of 2002. Levels in Malletts Creek were above water quality standards. (A plan to address E. coli is underway.) The City of Ann Arbor water Utilities Division is continuing E. coli sampling to identify sources. Phosphorus sampling has not yet begun.

Sampling for Benthics in progressThe Huron River Watershed Council's Adopt a Stream program samples in Malletts Creek twice per year.
USGS Stream Gauge

in progressA continuous flow gauge is operational at the mouth of Malletts Creek. The gauge has been measuring flow since the fall of 1998.

Update Standards for Stormwater Management in progressThe City of Ann Arbor has wetlands and natural feature protection in its code. The City has recently strengthened its requirements for stormwater management. All development and redevelopment plans in the Malletts Creek basin are reviewed for compatibility with the Restoration Plan. Pittsfield Township has passed a wetlands ordinance and is drafting a revised stormwater ordinance, and the Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner is currently revising their standards.
Stream Maintenance in progressInspection and maintenance of Malletts Creek is continually performed by the Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's Office.
Public Education Program in progressThe City of Ann Arbor's storm water discharges are under Federal permit. This requires a public education plan. Many residents will recognize the numerous information and education ads in the Ann Arbor News, the pledge book and calendars received in the mail.  
Design & Build In-system Storage

Action Pending

Investigate Flooding Problems -- Determine Responsibility, Remedy as Necessary in progressSix locations have been identified as flood concerns, and responsibility has been determined. Remedial action is pending.
Study and Retrofit Existing Detention Ponds Throughout the Basin

Action Pending

Increase Street Sweeping

Action Pending

Retrofit Brown Park Pond

in progressBrown Park Pond, located between Packard and I-94, east of Stone School Road is a publicly owned storm water treatment area. It was originally constructed in the late 1970s with flood prevention in mind. The pond and surrounding floodplain represent a tremendous opportunity to improve water quality by constructing a "polishing wetland" adjacent to the stream channel. Models show that this wetland could capture and treat storm water runoff from 75% of the basin and treat all storm under 1 inch.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has funded the design and public involvement for this project, due to take place in 2003-04. (For a more information, click here) The grant amount is $250,000. Estimated construction cost is $2,000,000.

County Farm Park Wetlands

Action Pending

Stream Bank Stabilization

Action Pending

Habitat Improvement

Action Pending

Catch Basin Restrictions

Action Pending

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