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Individual Storm Water Treatment Options

Small scale storm water treatment options were discussed last Wednesday at Burns Park Elementary School. There were roughly 60 attendees.

Overviews were provided on four topics followed by Q & A, then discussion. For more information regarding the first two topics, I have linked to the program pages below. The third topic (rain barrels) is not an existing program at the City of Ann Arbor or at the County level. Based on interest expressed, the City is now planning a rain barrel distribution event. Project Growin Hope also provides low-cost rain barrels as a fundraising tool for their organization. The last topic, rain gardens, is an active program at the county level. Again, based on interest, we are looking at options to expand the program.

  1. Ann Arbor's Storm Water Utility Rate Structure
  2. Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner's RiverSafe Homes Program
  3. Rain Barrels
  4. Rain Gardens

Generally, the topics were very well received and the discussion was enthusiastic and productive. The meeting feedback form is summarized here.

One more meeting has been in the works to finish up the discussion of large scale projects. The intent was to have that meeting in late June. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities on U of M property at this time. We are awaiting feedback from Ann Arbor Public Schools. Once we have that, we can schedule that last meeting. It may have to wait until after the 4th of July to give us time to prep and get the word out.

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