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Potential Projects - First Look

The most recent meeting consisted of a brief update of the City of Ann Arbor's Stormwater GIS Project, followed by a conceptual discussion of five potential project sites. A PDF version of the evening's presentation can be viewed here. The locations discussed are:

Following the presentation, there were numerous questions and considerable discussion. At the end, attendees were asked to provide comments and rank the conceptual projects. Those critiques are available below:

Lastly, attendees were asked to provide suggestions for additional project sites to consider and evaluate the meeting as a whole. More sites are due to be discussed in late June.

NOTE - The May 30 meeting to present rain gardens, rain barrels and other dispersed Best Management Practices, is cancelled. There was already another very similar meeting planned for June 6 at Burns Park Elementary School. All Allen's Creek Stormwater Initiative participants are invited to attend that session. I'll post the agenda when available.  

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Environmental Excellence Partnership Program

We are launching a new program to assist businesses and non-profit organizations in recognizing, developing and implementing environmentally sound behavior in the areas of water quality protection, waste reduction & recycling and pollution prevention. There are three opportunities for participation:

  1. Community Partners for Clean Streams
  2. Pollution Prevention
  3. Waste Knot

Participation in more than one program is welcome and encouraged! Learn more on our brand new E2P2 website.

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