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May 14, 2007 Workshop

The last Allen's Creek Stormwater Initiative meeting (April 30) was dedicated to a comprehensive technical presentation: watershed analysis, flooding, water quality, modeling and potential solutions. The complete presentation can be viewed here (PDF 1.5mb).

The presentation was followed by about an hour-long discussion of the topics presented and other issues brought up: footing drain & disconnects, porous pavement requirements, the pending floodplain ordinance, calibrated modeling, swirl concentrators, groundwater impacts, and the effect of losing ash trees. Those attending expressed a preference for an open discussion rather than small groups.

graph of measured v modeled flow, looks close

There was also some time devoted to clarifying the role of these public workshops in the decision making process, and the response to community feedback from the previous workshop. This response included the construction of this web site, and the email list being used to improve the dialogue. Also, there will be extended public involvement to provide more time to assimilate information and make informed decisions. Lastly, Kerry Laycock was brought on board to facilitate a more focused discussion. 

Overall, meeting evaluations indicate that we are ready to begin talking about specific solutions. This will begin this Monday evening, May 14 7-9 PM at Slauson School.

At that meeting, Jerry Hancock (Ann Arbor Systems Planning) will update us on the City's GIS project and flow monitoring in Allen's Creek. Then we will return to the list of potential projects discussed at the first meeting on March 13, and begin to discuss 5 in detail.

  • Main Stem - A new relief drain along the main stem of Allens Creek from the Huron River upstream
  • West Park - Overflow storage, rain gardens, and/or wetlands.
  • Vets Park - Overflow storage, rain gardens, porous pavement, and/or wetlands.
  • 415 West Washington (Across from the YMCA) - Overflow storage, other.
  • 721 N. Main (City yard) - Overflow storage, other.

These will be conceptual, planning level discussions to determine what is possible. We have not committed to construct anything at this point. We chose to start with these 5 mostly because of interest expressed by attendees of the first two meetings. More projects will be presented next time and there will be an opportunity to make suggestions.

After discussion, participants will be asked to rank these 5 projects. You can find all information that will be presented on Monday below:

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