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Soil Erosion Requirements & Standards

All earth changes shall be designed, constructed and completed in a manner that limits exposed areas to the shortest possible time.  A person shall install temporary soil erosion and sedimentation control measures before or upon commencement of the earth change activity and shall maintain the measures on a daily basis.  Stabilization of detention/retention ponds will be needed before October 15th of each year or temporary stabilization of the site will need to be approved by the SESC Program.


A person shall remove temporary soil erosion and sedimentation control measures after permanent soil erosion measures are in place and the area is stabilized.  All disturbed area shall be stabilized within five (5) days of final grading.sod.jpg


All SESC erosion control plans shall include provisions for temporary and permanent erosion and sedimentation control measures and shall be implemented and maintained in accordance with the standards and specifications of the product manufacturer or those in accordance with, but not limited to, the minimum control measures contained in the most recent versions of:

  •  State of Michigan's Guidebook of Best Management Practices for Michigan Watersheds
  • Oakland County's Erosion Control Manual
  • Field Manual on Sedimentation and Erosion Control Best Management Practices for Contractors & Inspectors


  • References by the Office of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner
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