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Commercial Projects

Earth changes undertaken for the purpose of commerce, multiple residential, public services, including but not limited to, residential developments, commercial projects/additions, industrial projects, recreational developments, churches, schools, roads/ streets construction, drainage construction, mining, unities and pipeline not exempt under Part 91. Commercial permits expired 24 months from the date of issuance. Inspections will be performed throughout the duration of the permit.  Permits can be renewed for 6 months for half of the original permit cost.


Categories & Application Fee Schedule

Commercial Waiver* Earth changes that are over 500 feet from all surface water that disturb less than one (1) acre or earth changes within 500 feet of surface water, disturbing less than 225 sq. ft. and not contributing sediment to surface water $100.00
Minor Commercial Project* Earth changes within 500 feet of surface water with a disturbance between 226 - 2500 sq. ft. in size $300.00
Major Commercial Project* Earth Changes within 500 feet of surface water with a disturbance of 2,501 sq. ft - 10 acres $500.00

Major commercial Project, +10 acres*

All projects over 10 acres $500.00 + $50.00/acre

* Commercial waivers and permits are valid for 2 (two) years from the issuance date.

Waiver Application Process

When an application is submitted to the Soil Erosion Program, all applicants must include:

  • Completed Application, must be signed by the landowner
  • Erosion Control Plans, 2 sets
  • Application fee


Permit Application Process

When an application is submitted to the Soil Erosion Program, all applicants must include:

  • Completed Application
  • Designated Agent Letter (if applicable), written authorization from the landowner to sign the application and secure a permit in the landowner's name.
  • Erosion Control Plans (2 sets, see Site Plan Checklist for criteria)
  • Application Fee
  • Performance Guarantee, all commercial projects (excluding waivers) are required to submit a performance guarantee to ensure proper completion and stabilization of the permitted site, see Fee Schedule for details.


The Soil Erosion Program shall approve, disapprove or require modification of the application for an earth change permit within 30 days following the receipt of the completed application submittal.


Permit Transfer Information

Permit Transfer shall occur when ownership of a property subject to a permit under the Washtenaw County SESC Ordinance is transferred, in whole or in part.  If the property is subject to a permit transfer the original permit holder and new permit holder must submit a completed Transfer Form Application to the SESC Program for review.  Click on the Transfer Form Application for the form and process of transferring a soil erosion permit.


Permit Expiration & Renewal Information

 The SESC Program will notify all permit holder 30 days prior to permit expiration.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to renew an expired permit prior to the expiration date.  Failure to renew an active permit will result in enforcement with this office.  Click here for the expiration/renewal form and process.


Closing Out a Permit

The following requirements must be met for closure of the soil erosion permit, unless otherwise indicated:

  1. All disturbed area are permanently stabilized in a manner to prevent soil movement or loss from erosive forces such as rain, ice, gravity or wind;
  2. Any temporary SESC controls have been removed;
  3. All permanent erosion control measures are in place and maintained and the site has been established per the approved soil erosion control plan; and
  4. All commercial permits shall schedule a final site inspection with the SESC Program.  The inspection will consist of a walk through t insure the site has met the permit requirements.
  5. All fees shall be paid in accordance with the current fee schedule approved by the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners.  When a permit receives a final inspection and all fees are paid a Certificate of Completion will be issued.  Failure to pay fees will result in late fees and enforcement.
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