Resources and Techniques for Street Runoff Infiltration

Presentations and Documents Related to Porous Pavement

Design and Construction of Porous Pavements in the City of Puyallup, Washington

Sustainable Stormwater Management in Road Environments: Porous Asphalt for Local Roads

Life Cycle Porous Pavement/Street Maintenance Costs - Table and Graph

List of Agency Porous Pavement Projects and Other Resources

Green Streets and Porous Pavement: Lessons for Sustainability, Savings and Success - Evan Pratt, P.E. and Freeman Anthony, P.E.

Other Resources

Case Studies:

North Gay Avenue (Portland, OR):
Pringle Creek (Portland, OR):
City of Seattle Porous Pavement Study:
Willard Beach (Battle Creek, MI):
Victoria Cottages (Gresham, OR):
Chicago Green Alleys:
Boulder Hills (Pelham, NH):
Noise reduction case study:

Other Sources:

Interesting publication:
Interesting paper on sediment removal of porous asphalt vs. permeable pavers:

Future Reference:

Porous Alley initiative: 253-841-4321


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