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Presentations and Case Studies

Presentations and Case Studies from local communities and around the country, discussing effectiveness of established green infrastructure and potential for expansion of those practices.

Burns Park Porous Alley

Road Projects Stormwater Treatments  
May 16, 2013 - City of Ann Arbor 

Discusses recent applications of permeable paving materials (on Willard Street, in a Burns Park Alley, and Fourth Avenue) as well as use of weirs and bioretention in locations throughout the City of Ann Arbor.

Bioretention at City Hall

City of Ann Arbor Municipal Center - City Hall and 15th District Court  Project Overview, Infiltration Methods, Successes and Lessons Learned

Overview of construction of the updated Larcom City Hall in Ann Arbor and it impact on the City.

Permeable Pavement

Green Alleys & Streets: Are They Working?
August 25, 2013 - APWA Congress

Parking Lot with Bioswale

 Integrated Site Stormwater 

Presentation with photos of several sites where stormwater management has been integrated into operation of the facility.

Staying Green

Staying Green: Strategies to Improve Operations and Maintenance of Green Infrastructure in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed 
by American Rivers

Examples of green infrastructure from the Chesapeake Bay area, specifically related to long-term maintenance of green elements.

Pringle Creek

Case Study: Pringle Creek Green Streets - Salem, Oregon
Stormwater Solutions 

Malletts Creek Library

New Stormwater Rules, Washtenaw County - Design Workshop Presentation - Principles Applied to Malletts Creek

The Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner is currently revising the Design Standards for development in the County.

North Gay Ave Pervious Pavement

North Gay Avenue, Portland, OR - Street Construction with Pervious Pavement 

Report on a project in which pervious pavement was installed.

Green City Concept

Philadelphia Water Department - Green City, Clean Waters

"Philadelphia's 25-year plan to protect and enhance our watersheds by managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure."

 Porous Pavement

Design and Construction of Porous Pavements in the City of Puyallup, Washington

Presentation by Mark A. Palmer, P.E., LEED AP, Stormwater Engineer, City of Puyallup, WA

 Porous Pavement Construction

Sustainable Stormwater Management in Road Environments: Porous Asphalt for Local Roads

 Maintenance Cost Graph

Life Cycle Porous Pavement/Street Maintenance Costs - Table and Graph


List of Agency Porous Pavement Projects and Other Resources


Green Streets and Porous Pavement: Lessons for Sustainability, Savings and Success
Evan Pratt, P.E. and Freeman Anthony, P.E.

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