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Master Rain Gardener Hall of Fame

Rain gardens designed and installed by Master Rain Gardeners, who were trained through the Washtenaw County Master Rain Gardener program.

 Master Rain Gardeners 2015


 Master Rain Gardeners 2014


Janee Kronk 2014 Maureen Frey 2014
Anna Szczotka 2014 Dale Sass 2014
Lynn Dills 2014  Michelle Yanga 2014
 David Baker 2014  Jeff Findlay 2014
 Blair Treglown 2014  Carole Dubritsky 2014
 Pat Reed 2014  Mallory Walczesky 2014
 Mallory Walczesky 2014 #2  
 Master Rain Gardeners 2013  

Helen Prussian


Charlene Tavarozzi

 Pat Lentz  Betty Halliday
 Andrea Matthies & Jim Odell  John Gannon
Carole Buttrum  Ginny Stobby

 Jill Rickard at Northvill Township Hall

 Linda Freeborn



Master Rain Gardeners 2012

 Stefan Szumko at Eberwhite Elementary  Joet Reoma, Neha Shaw at King Elementary

Dorothy Yenni and Laura Wooley RG 2012


Sally Richie's Rain Garden 2012

 Jonathan Parker Georgetown RG construction  

Jonathan Parker Georgetown RG done

 Tom Kenny rain garden 2012  Cynthia Edwards rain garden 2012
 Sharon Sheldon rain garden 2012  Roger Moon's Second Rain Garden 2012
 Denise Held's second rain garden  Martha Hill's rain garden 2012
 Betsey Lindsley's rain garden 2012  Linda Ridley's Forest Rain Garden
 Anne Harrington's rain garden spring 2012  Susan Wedzel & Roger Storm lakeside house
 Master Rain Gardeners 2011  
 Scarlett Bennett's second rain garden  

Scarlett Bennett's Rain Garden

 Denise Held's Rain Garden  Maurita Holland, Roger Chard, and Sharon Balius rain garden 2012
 David Dye's Rain Garden  David Dye's Second Rain Garden
 Graciela Rubalcava's Rain Garden  Gloria Santelle's Rain Garden



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